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Schools and Festivals

  • Terence Lewis professional training institute  (Mumbai, India)

  • Diploma in Dance TLDFST (Mumbai, India)

  • Diploma in Movement Arts and Mixed Media, Attakkalari centre for movement Arts (Bangalore, India)

  • Shoonya Centre for Art and somatic Practices (Bangalore, India)

  • Nrityashakti Studio (Mumbai, India)

  • Twins Dance arts Studio (Mumbai, India)

  • The Wooden Stage (Mumbai, India)

  • Festival Deltebre Dansa (Spain)

  • Young & Contemporary Dance Festival, Dance Academy Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

  • Marameo (Berlin, Germany)

  • Dock11 (Berlin, Germany)

  • Eden Studios (Berlin, Germany)

  • Yoga for dancers, EXIN Flying Low and Passing through intensives (Berlin, Germany)

  • SOZO visions in Motion (Kassel, Germany)

  • Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts (Frankfurt, Germany)

  • Frieburg Professional Dance training (Frieburg, Germany)

  • Danscentrumjette (Brussels, Belgium)

  • Danshuis De Ingang (Brussels, Belgium)

  • Dance Cultural Centre (Athens, Greece)

  • Hennry Jurriens stichting (Amsterdam, Holland)

  • Tanzburo (Basel, Switzerland)

  • Tantsuagentuur (Tallinn, Estonia)

  • Thespis Art (Patras, Greece)

  • Dansarte (Patras, Greece)

  • Danza Ardiente (Patras, Greece)

  • Miladanse Ijshaamanka (Italy)

  • Tsekh summer school (Moscow, Russia)

  • Workshop For Friends (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

  • Radi Sveta Movement Lab (Moscow, Russia)

  • Tanz Lab (Tyumen, Russia)

  • Samara Contemporary Festival (Samara, Russia)

  • Dance Academy Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

  • Free Theatre of Contemporary Dance and University (Perm, Russia)

  • Without words, Kazan University (Kazan, Russia)

  • Raketa dance school (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)

  • Professional Training (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

  • Professional Training (Kostroma, Russia)

  • Summer For Friends Dance camp (Crimea, Russia)

  • Barnaul dance festival (Russia)

  • Professional Training (Chelyabinsk, Russia)


Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company (Mumbai, India)

Attakkalari Repertory Dance Company (Bangalore, India)

Nritarutya Cotemporaray Dance Company (India)

Theatre New Ballet Company (Moscow, Russia)

Free Dance Contemporary Theatre (Perm, Moscow)

Dialogue Dance Company (Kostroma, Russia)

Without Words Dance Company (Kazan, Russia)

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