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1 - 7 MARCH 2021


You will keep attention to how your body moves, listen, adapt to the situation according to your room, and seeing if your body is able to do what we are trying to achieve together during each day’s challenge.

Let's keep learning how together. ⁠

Narendra will share his daily training routines through specific tasks and exercises to explore different possibilities as a mover. You will move non-stop throughout the class. ⁠

Day 1. Movement class⁠

The class starts with the dynamic flow to warm up the body, followed by physical demanding movements, multidirectional phrases and vocabulary from Narendra’s research work.

Day 2. Floorwork⁠

It combines a strength-based technique that allows the individual to discover organic floor connection

and body rhythms.

Day 3. Coordinations 

Coordination exercises, rhythms and folks dance forms helps you to be alert and concentrate all the time.

Day 4. Kalaripayattu - Guest teacher Raam Kumar

Kalari works with elements from animal postures and codified sequences to create an energy flow in the body. It could be considered as a dynamic version of Yoga.

Day 5. Endurance⁠

Endurance workouts will help you to move better and feel stronger. Great stress relief from the every-day emotional impacts of life.

Day 6. Improvisation ⁠

We will work on specific tasks and at the same time, we will perform with them. It has different layers and colours as you improvise.

Day 7. Strength and Flexibility ⁠

We always have plan B to make sure you can do these challenging exercises more efficiently, and then slowly make them more difficult by using different variations. Strength and Flexibility workouts help to heal old injuries and give you a boost to perform well.




With an honour introducing the finest  Kalaripayatt artist from India - Raam Kumar, the guest teacher of Sharing & Moving Challenge. 


Raam Kumar follows a lineage under CVN Kalari, and has represented India and Kalaripayat in many national and international forum and has performed extensively in India and Abroad. He has been practising the art form for more than 25 years. 


Kalarippayatt considered to be one of the oldest martial art with its origin dating back to at least the 3rd century BCE is considered to be a dynamic practice to work on different aspects of your body to increase balance, flexibility, agility, and neuromuscular reflexes. 



Dates: 1st to 7th of March 2021⁠

Time: 11:00 - 12:00 CET  

1st of March - Day 1. Movement class⁠
2nd of March - Day 2. Floorwork⁠
3rd of March - Day 3. Coordinations ⁠
4th of March - Day 4. Kalaripayattu - Guest teacher Raam Kumar
5th of March - Day 5. Endurance⁠
6th of March - Day 6. Improvisation ⁠
7th of March - Day 7. Strength and Flexibility ⁠



7 days challenge by Narendra is opened for dancers with any experience in the movement.⁠


The live streaming classes will be held on ZOOM platform at 11.00 am Brussels time.
The 7 live classes will be recorded & shared with the participants after each completed session, all shared videos will be available for participants to watch until 21 March 2021.


EUR 45

INR 2900 for Indians

Classes suitable for small spaces. ⁠Let’s challenge the limitations!⁠

Reserve your spot by 28th of February!

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