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about the class

Class starts with conditioning the body through yoga and movements. We dive into Indian traditional outdoor games elements that can help to enjoy and experience life at its best. Games include physical endurance, precision, social gathering, imagination and mutual trust.

The next part of the class takes participants into playing with momentum, suspension and dynamic floor routines. It also combines floor exploration with antigravity falls, recovery, agile partnering and strength-based technique which allows the individual to discover organic body rhythms and floor connections.

We use body toning and martial arts exercises to keep the energy level high throughout the class. In Narendra's class, we use a lot of partnering coordination exercises for alertness and concentration. We challenge our limitations and intellectual state of mind.


With powerful footwork, intricate hand gestures, rhythms and spins help the participant get exposed to the Indian forms of movements. The class ends with physical demanding multidirectional phrases and vocabulary from Narendra’s research work.

Flying Low &

Passing Through

Narendra Patil.jpg

After more than 10 years as a close follower of David Zambrano, Narendra shares a number of phrases which experiment on the Flying Low principles. He introduces some tools and tasks from Passing Through composition to understand how these techniques are getting connected together in the end. In Passing Through dancers work together as one mind and they are never lost in this spontaneous composition.

flying low

(originator David Zambrano)

The flying low classes focus mainly on the dancer’s relationship with the floor. The class utilises simple movement patterns that involve breathing, speed and the release of energy throughout the body in order to activate the relationship between the centre and the joints, moving in and out of the ground more efficiently by maintaining a centred state. There is a focus on the skeletal structure that will help improve the dancers physical perception and alertness. The class includes partnering work and movement phrases, which explore the primary laws of physics: cohesion and expansion. 

Passing Through

Visible and invisible spirals are constantly passing through the students. Thus the “passing through” is created into a spontaneous composition. When the group becomes one mind, it can never get lost, there is never one person leading, everyone is following. The whole group is constantly travelling, weaving their bodies inside and out of their classmates and still always aware of the environment around them. 

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